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All that glitters is not gold. All that sparkles is not silver. But if something shimmers can it make you slimmer? We think it can. Shiny, pretty atmospheres make you smile and when you smile you’re happy and when you’re happy you’re energetic and when you’re energetic you lose weight. Well, maybe not, but at The Roxbury at least you have not just one, but a choice of two places to go to where you can relax, either sit in a hot tub or sauna or steam room; cool off in a shower made out of soothing river rock or glimmering green mosaic tile; warm yourself back up in front of a dancing fireplace or a calming mountain-village view; and then start the process all over again or go back to your room for a snooze.
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Let’s get one thing straight off the bat. The Shimmer Spa is NOT a big full-service spa with separate male and female changing areas and hallways full of multiple treatment rooms with attendants serving you fruit smoothies or gooping them all over your skin. The Shimmer Spa is actually comprised of two different areas: The Shimmer Spa South in our main buildings where you can go to relax in an intimate 600 sq ft “mini-spa” made of thousands of shimmering iridescent mosaic tiles complete with a hot tub, a dry sauna, a fireplace, a bathroom, and a wonderful shower made of black river rock that massages your feet while you take a shower. OR indulge yourself at The Shimmer Spa North across the street where you’ll find 1200sf of spa space including ‘The Green Steam’ (a large steam area made out of 100% recycled green car windshield glass), two completely private treatment rooms including one large enough for a simultaneous couples’ massage, and a whimsically elegant relaxation room library where you can shut out the outside world while lounging in cushy chaises or perusing our generous selection of coffee table books.

Usage of both of the spa facilities is just $20 per person per stay (not per day) and both spa areas are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm. Spa treatments can be performed in one of our treatment areas, or if you're staying in one of our kitchenettes, big king themes, or suites, we can occasionally offer some of our treatments in your own room. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE STRONGLY SUGGEST BOOKING YOUR SPA TREATMENTS AS FAR IN ADVANCE AS POSSIBLE. TIME SLOTS FILL UP QUICKLY AND WE CANNOT ALWAYS GUARANTEE THAT TREATMENTS WILL BE AVAILABLE IF YOU DO NOT BOOK AT LEAST 48 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR STAY. THE SHIMMER SPA NORTH AND SOUTH AND SPA TREATMENTS ARE AVAILABLE TO GUESTS OF THE ROXBURY ONLY, THEY ARE NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Click here for a list of all of our in-house spa treatments.


Spa Hopping Life is about the choices you make. The problem with life is that you can make a bad choice and regret it forever. God knows we know all about stupid choices. At The Roxbury you can put the angst of decision-making aside and use BOTH of our spa areas: The Shimmer Spa North and The Shimmer Spa South. Try one of them one day and the other the next or hop back and forth between the two. Double the pleasure. Your skin and spirit will glisten. Click here for a list of all of our in-house spa treatments.