The Mod Pod (Room #13) close window
 The next photo shows off the tilework even better. It's like a yellow, green and orange checkerboard fantasia kind of thing.We tried to find a flower power bathtub to match the flower power vessel sink but, alas, the world just isn't that groovy yet.This photo shows the door (that all studio theme rooms have) that leads to the outdoor gardens, gazebo, and spa. Other room amenities include mood lighting on dimmer switches, flat screen TV, DVD Player, microwave, refrigerator, coffee machine with Gevalia coffee, WiFi, telephones with voicemail, Godiva Chocolates, pillowtop mattresses, 100% Egyptian Cotton linens, luxury bathroom amenities, and free continental breakfast. 
  Flower Power meets Peter Max meets Laugh-In meets Emilio Pucci. There wasn’t much inspiration from The Mod Squad for this room, we just liked being able to call the room 'The Mod Pod.' It actually looks a little more like the set from Laugh-In. We left out yellow smiley faces though. They scare us. Oh, and this room adjoins into #12 'Fred's Lair' if you feel like plunging into a cave. The lights are called 'artichoke chandeliers,' but they don't come with dipping sauce. Too messy... One pillowtop queen-size bed.   Instructions: click on the "back" or "next" buttons to scroll through the photo series.