Genie's Bottle (Room #18) close window
 Lounge around like a member of a harem on the matching pink cheetah and shimmery silver sofas in this 800 sq ft suite with two separate bedrooms, the genie bottle bathroom, a separate powder room, a dining and kitchen area, large flat screen TV's in every room, and absolutely magical views out of the windows. One of the couches is a sofabed making the suite comfortable for six guests, or rent the adjoining suite, George's Spacepad, and you get the entire floor for your group of 8-10. The balcony outside the suite gives you direct access to The Roxbury's upper deck and glass firepit.The bedrooms are meant to be soothing escapes for slumber.  The main living room area is bright and vivacious and wild, so we toned down the bedrooms for a change of pace.  Shut out the world in one of our heavenly pillowtop mattresses while watching a DVD in the bedroom's flat screen TV. There is another bedroom other than the one pictured here. It is the mirror image of this bedroom, only with different color schemes and a different genie bottle. We let out all the genies inside the bottles so don't get your hopes up. All of our wishes have already been granted. That's how we built this hotel...Shot of the living room from a different angle. You see the bases of the orange stools that surround the kitchen 'entertainment area'and the dining room table and TV area off in the distance.Ever been in a Japanese soaking tub? We hadn't either. 70 gallons, yes folks, 70 gallons of water it takes to fill the tub up to your neck to sit and soak in your own private bottle. There's a TV in the wall if you need constant entertainment. We prefer to just soak and look up at the mouth of the bottle and dream about granting wishes and making them come true. And, yes, the faucet is in the shape of Alladin's lamp.Dual sinks for couples and families makes stuff like brushing teeth, applying make up, and shaving much easier. We made it even easier by building another bathroom for this suite not shown in this series of photos. We needed to save SOMETHING for a surprise when you arrive. In this photo, note the reflection in the mirror of the Japanese soaking tub.The private shower area is separate from the bathing area. Imagine stepping into a world of pink and purple glittering jewels and that is what being in this very large walk-in shower area is like. We did a close up of it here to try to convey what this incredible tile is like in person. Pink and purple glitter tile blend from the fabulous <a target='_new' class='external' href=''>Susan Jablon Mosaics</a>.What is that big round gold thing sticking out of the wall you ask? Well, it's the outside of the genie bottle bathroom. Lurking behing the big round gold thing is an invitation to a bathing extravaganza. And, by the way, it's solid gold leaf - no fake gold paint here...Bedroom number two in your sultan's palace. The other bedroom is black and gold. This one is deep blue and pink. 
  At some point in your childhood you must have fantasized about what it would be like to be inside a genie bottle. We know we did, and talk about fulfilling a childhood fantasy! Oh yes, Master! It took six months to create this perfectly spherical bathroom made of marble dust and glitter glass mosaic tiles sloping up to the “mouth” of the bottle that is a solar tube cutting through the roof of the building. Sip a cocktail while luxuriating in your 70-gallon Japanese soaking tub and watching television in the built-in viewing chamber. Construction by Paul Waddington and filmed for television by the TLC Network.   Instructions: click on the "back" or "next" buttons to scroll through the photo series.