Upstairs Downstairs (Room #11) close window
 This bathroom was originally all pink when we bought the place. It was like drowning in decaying, hardening Pepto Bismal. We kept the toilet, sink, and tub, and then added chocolate brown tilework and color schemes everywhere to tone down the Pepto.The sitting room in Upstairs Downstairs. The love seat folds out into a twin size bed. Yes, each one of those white vases gets fresh flowers for each new guest. They must be cut at exactly the same height. Obsessive compulsive behavior pays off in this business. 
  The Upstairs Downstairs suite (named as such because it’s the entire upstairs of our main house) has two separate bedrooms and a sitting room. This suite is more “traditional elegance meets contemporary design.” Did we plan that? Nah, it just happened. One journalist called the bedroom above “haremesque.” That was before we created the Genie Bottle suite. Little did they know… King size bed here.   Instructions: click on the "back" or "next" buttons to scroll through the photo series.