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This page lists all the places where The Roxbury either appeared on television or in a video that we would like to share with you.

Did you see The Roxbury somewhere that's not listed below? Drop us a quick note - we'll love you forever.

TV and Video

TLC Network’s "Insane Bathrooms"
April, 2013
TLC's "Insane Bathrooms" scours the porcelain globe and finds 10 of the most insane bathrooms in the world - The Roxbury was one of their selections. Watch episode here.

Animal Planet’s "Tanked"
April, 2013
Animal Planet's "Tanked" features The Roxbury's most opulent suite, The Archaeologist's Digs, as the backdrop for an episode of Animal Planet's hit show. A 400 gallon saltwater aquarium becomes the focal point of both the living room and bathroom of the suite. Watch episode here.

HGTV Special
February, 2013
HGTV's "Americas Best Kept Secrets" features The Roxbury on a new special where they call The Roxbury one of the most amazing hotels in the entire country. Watch episode here.

Video: Interview with Stephen Fries
August, 2012
Interview with Stephen Fries (who writes for the New Haven Register and Connecticut Magazine, and has had articles appear in the Wall Street Journal and many others) about the Genieís Bottle bathroom and other tidbits of info about The Roxbury.

Video: New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association
March, 2012
2012 Tourism Executive of the Year for New York State.

Video: Roxbury Guests Video: Surprise for our Wives
August, 2011
Surprise for our Wives.
We debated and debated about whether or not to put this video on our website. Itís shot by two husbands who surprised their wives with a weekend at The Roxbury and captured their surprise on video. They wound up getting a tour of some of the rooms on the property on the morning of their checkout before the rooms had been cleaned and they shot video of that as well. They edited it all together and gave it to us. It’s long and there is no fancy lighting, no actors, no scripts, and no perfectly staged rooms to make everything look like Architectural Digest. But they captured something about what we want The Roxbury to be that touched our hearts. Thank you!

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Today's Al Roker explores getaway vacations.

NBC New York
March, 2010
Best Hotels for Less

Good Day New York
February, 2008
Cheap Getaways for Two