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Ready, Set, Get Hitched!

A NEW Elope-to-Moon Menu at the Catskills’ most fabulous Motel
ROXBURY, NY, February 5, 2011—Your parents won’t appreciate our telling you this, but it doesn’t get much more romantic than eloping. All the better if you can pull it off somewhere just like you – fun, edgy, hip and witty. With a host of elaborately designed suites, largely inspired by hit films and television shows of the 1960s and 70s, The Roxbury Motel offers couples on the brink the opportunity to be truly efficient: tick off the wedding and honeymoon in one fun, whimsical getaway. Valentine’s Day 2011 marks the launch of The Roxbury’s dazzling new Elope-to-Moon Menu. Spontaneous, romantic, and yes, pretty dramatic, all of the elopement packages offer bridal couples an on-property, intimate wedding ceremony with an officiant to perform the ceremony, two passes to the splendid Shimmer Spa, and a customized keepsake – your very first, and possibly coolest, wedding present. Families and friends not invited: this package is just for the two of you!

Weather permitting, choose to take the plunge in The Roxbury’s extremely attractive, highly graphic, black-and-white gazebo at the end of an über-landscaped riot-of-flowers garden path. OR do the aisle-walk down our illuminated stone pathway to a natural alter by the river on the grounds of the celebrated Archaeologist’s Digs cottage. Otherwise, get a room – a suite, that is; one of The Roxbury’s spacious, two-story suites with themes that are larger-than-life, and ridiculously luxurious bathrooms featuring 85-gallon two-person soaking tubs with dual showerheads.

When an elopement at The Roxbury lasts three nights or more, the services of the officiant, a bottle of Champagne, Shimmer Spa passes, and commemorative gift are included in the cost of accommodation; with a one or two-night stay, a welcome bottle of Champagne is our gift as well as two passes to the Shimmer Spa, but all additional options are available for purchase on an ŕ la carte basis.

Whether you’re deeply Goth or just unaccountably attracted to Wuthering Heights, this suite sets the tone for romance that is stylishly dark, and borderline sinister. Tie the knot in an atmosphere of High-Victorian-Overblown-Mansion, with somber wood paneling and flocked wallpaper in bold shades of purple and claret. If it weren’t so newly constructed, The Noir Boudoir would most certainly be haunted. The lighting is appropriately eerie, and the bathroom is tiled in a very flattering black.

Nothing beats the eighteenth-century courts of Europe for high glamour! The soaring suite called Amadeus’ Bride rivals any chapel (and even some very nice cathedrals) for hands-down gorgeousness. Its dramatic blue-grey walls are delineated with panels of gilded molding. Glittering chandeliers and mirrors wherever you look showcase your rosy bridal glow to advantage. The bathroom is tiled in gold (truly metallic, not the harvest variety.) Your ceremony can be set to the music of your choice, but may we suggest something from The Marriage of Figaro?

Solidify your union in a quintessentially American way! Now, sure, this sumptuous suite is modeled on a brothel, but no one’s making moral judgments here, or suggestions about the nature of your relationship. It’s good clean, dirty fun. It’s red velvet as far as the eye can see, a wall of red sequins, and lacy corsets in the most unexpected places.

With a nod of the head and the blink of an eye (and with a little help from some dry ice,) we’ll create a mystical ceremony inside our Genie Bottle suite. And while its rooms are all very cool in their psychedelic splendor, no one here would question your judgment if you chose to have the ceremony in the bathroom, which has been amazingly conjured up in the shape of the interior of that genie’s bottle, all spherical lilac-pink-and-glittery-gold. We recommend that you participate fully clothed, however, in harem pants and little sparkly vests and slippers.

Just as the final frontier knows no bounds, neither does your love. Prepare to live long and prosper when you star in the star-studded ceremony beneath the twinkling stars embedded in the ceiling of this suite, a stunning effect rivaled closely by the glow-in-the-dark tiled bathroom. You would make a memorable bridal couple outfitted in matching white cat-suits and really big space boots.

Release the Genie. Reach for the stars. Rope your partner in. Whichever theme you choose when you make it official, The Roxbury ensures that the focus is right where it should be: on you and your wild and crazy love. Right there. Right now.

Elope-to-Moon Package Prices:

1 and 2 Night Stays*:
Sunday–Thursday, $350 per night; Thursday - Sunday, $400 per night
(Welcome bottle of champagne and Shimmer Spa passes included. Additional- $400 cost for officiant and commemorative gift)
*Mandatory two-night minimum stay on weekends

3 or more Night Stays*:
Sunday- Thursday, $485 per night; Thursday- Sunday, $535 per night.
(Inclusive of an officiant, Champagne, Shimmer Spa passes, and commemorative gift)

*Exclusive of Room tax and gratuity. Officiant’s services, Shimmer Spa passes, and commemorative gift are included only with a 3-night stay. Additional options for purchase include flowers, cheese platters, Shimmer Spa services, and a romantic tasting-menu dinner at The Peekamoose Restaurant. Based on availability; double occupancy only. Elopement room packages are final and a non-refundable deposit equal to one-night’s stay is applied. A minimum of 72 hours’ notice is required. Guests are responsible for procuring marriage license. We can help facilitate the marriage license process at the local town hall in Roxbury, NY.
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The Roxbury is the ideal destination in the mountains for that long-awaited romantic getaway. It is under a three-hour’s drive from The Big Apple and the New York tri-state area, Albany, and Philadelphia. Its guest register now includes visitors from 27 countries from around the world.