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We couldnít possibly make everything that there is to do in the Catskills a part of our main navigation, but we felt we needed to paint a well-rounded picture, so hereís some more cool stuff to do. You can also become a fan on The Roxbury's facebook page and get access to a really cool interactive map that gives directions and even more info on all the fun stuff to do! (Scroll down to see the Ziplining and Kayaking sections as well as the cool Orphic Gallery and Eight Track Museum, some of the area's coolest new attractions!):
  • Cool Liquor Store
    This entry is outside of alphabetical order because, well, the most important things for a good vacation should come first. And we know that when most of us travel, most of us want to know where to find the booze! And we are also thrilled to be able to say that our guests can find most anything they would need just a hop, skip and a wee little jump down the block from their room door. Just opened in 2014, Roxbury Wine and Spirits not only carries the essentials that you would expect at any good liquor store; they also have a wonderfully unique selection of New York State and local wines and liquors. AND theyíre open seven days a week! Please support them while you are with us, we want them to stay here a long, long time... 607-326-6200.
  • Antiquing & Art Galleries
    The Orphic Gallery at the historic Roxbury Corner Store exclusively features art related to music including photographs, portraits of musicians, souvenirs of musical events, etc. In conjunction with the gallery, The Eight Track Museum from Dallas has opened its first permanent outpost in Roxbury. This exhibition is comprised of eight tracks and players, merchandizing displays, and illustrations from sources as diverse as advertising copy to patent drawings.

    The Roxbury Arts Group hosts some of the most exciting art exhibitions in the region. It's annual Art Exhibit and Silent Auction to benefit Catskill Rural AIDS Services is one of the social highlights of every summer, not to mention a great venue for discovering new artists.

    The Longyear Gallery is located only fifteen minutes from The Roxbury in Margaretville, NY. It is open every weekend Friday through Monday 11-6pm and the exhibits change monthly. They also have openings throughout the spring, summer and fall for solo shows which take place monthly on Saturdays from 3-6 pm.

    The Delaware County Champber of Commerce has put together a great website that compiles tons of information about the art galleries and antique shops in the area. We have a brochure version of this website in our lobby and it is a wonderful guide for planning a day full of treasure hunting and ART!
  • ATV'ng, Paint Ball
    Stone Tavern Farm is only five minutes from The Roxbury and well worth the trip. They offer a wide variety of super-fun activities and it's an absolutely breathtaking setting. And they're great for weddings as well!
  • Belleayre Summer Music Festival
    The roster of musicians and performers at Belleayre's Summer Music Festival just keeps getting better year after year. Check out their website for this summer's cool performers. We can arrange tickets for you.
  • Book Village
    That's right, we said book village. The town of Hobart and its conglomeration of used book stores and other cool novelty stores just keeps growing and growing. If you're into used books, this is nirvana. Check out the Hobart Book Village Webiste to find out about events and special book fairs.
  • Auction Houses
    Being that weíre design freaks, one of our favorite pastimes is lurking around the local auction houses for hidden treasures. Itís rare that we donít leave with a major find. And we have to admit, once the bidding starts the adrenaline does to. McIntosh Auction in Margaretville is a good one and the Fisk Auctions are taking the concept to whole new level for the area.
  • Delaware and Ulster Railroad ::  Website 
    Fun for the kids. Many special events like staged train robberies, twilight rides, and Tommy the Train week.
  • Farmersí Markets
    These are around every corner, but our favorite is the Round Barn/Pakatakan Farmerís Market just down the road on Rt. 30. Itís the place to be seen on a Saturday morning in Delaware County. If you like the Union Square farmerís market in Manhattan, then youíll dig this too.
  • Flea Markets
    During the summer and fall, the best one is on Rt. 28 in between Arkville and Margaretville. Itís called the ďMagic
    Mile.Ē You canít miss it, look for all of the tables and tarps. Cool finds here. Everything from a used lawn mower to a Tiffany lamp.
  • Horseback Riding
    Broken Spoke Stables is only about a 25 minute drive from The Roxbury and they offer some of the best horseback riding trails around. They are in Hobart, NY - also the home of the book village. But don't read your book while riding the horse...
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides
    Take a ride in the sky over the Catskills with the wonderful Wizard at Catskill Mountain Balloon, Inc.. The balloon takes off about an hour and fifteen minutes from The Roxbury, so plan your day accordingly!
  • Howe Caverns ::  Website 
    The closest thing to Carlsbad on the East Coast. Take a boat ride through the Caverns and count the bats. About an hour away.
  • Kayaking and Canoeing
    New for Summer 2011, take an early evening guided kayak tour with Roxbury Outdoor Adventures hosted by our very own Roxbury residents and NYS licensed guides, Allen and Jo Hinkley. Spend two hours on the headwaters of the Delaware River just down the road from The Roxbury and observe Catskill Mountain wildlife such as bald eagles, heron, osprey, beaver, muskrat, & more. Rates are $50/person and include a floating wine & cheese refreshment break. Limited to groups of 4 to reduce impact on the river and increase wildlife viewing opps. So Kewwwwl!

    And check out Alís Sport Store in Downsville. It's not the Snake River, but it can be pretty gosh darn thrilling!
  • Maple Tree Farms
    We love sap! And if you do too, some of the best maple syrup and other maple tree products can be found right here in the Catskills with New York State Maple trees. If youíre at The Roxbury in March and April, youíre almost sure to be able to go visit one of the many farms and watch the Ďsap run' going on and being boiled into delicious delightful delicacies. Right down the road from us is Roxbury Mountain Maple and a little further down is Shaver Hill Farm. Check them out!
  • New York Zipline Adventure Tours
    Boasting the longest and highest zipline tour in all of North America, New York Zipline Adventure Tours promises extreme adrenaline, extreme speed, extreme height, and extreme squealing for even the most experienced thrillseekers. And as long as your kid is 60 lbs or heavier, then they can squeal alongside you! And you can purchase your tickets right here at The Roxbury and we'll schedule everything for you. You just gotta give us enough time and you just gotta try this. I mean you just gotta try this.
  • Parks
    Walk from your room at The Roxbury to Kirkside Park. Itís eleven acres of splendor in the heart of the village. Straddled by the east branch of the Delaware River and appointed with rustic adirondack style bridges and winding paths,the Park becomes the backdrop for a summer full of concerts, outdoor theater, and 19th century base ball with great fishing just a ripple away.
  • Shopping
    Itís everywhere, but our favorite areas are the towns of Andes and Woodstock.
  • Snowmobiling
    While we have not personally tried them, there are two places to go to rent some rad snowmobilies. Bear Creek Landing Sports Complex in Hunter at 518.263.5409 and Rip Van Winkle snowmobiling in Haines Falls at 518.589.5999.

    Check out this link for the Central Catskill Trail Association. They don't rent snowmobiles, but they know a lot about them. You might try contacting them about other snowmobiling options if the above numbers don't work.
  • Swimming
    No pool at The Roxbury yet, but lakes, streams, and rivers abound. Our favorites are Big Pond, Little Pond, and Alder Lake. Alder Lake is hands down our favorite swimming lake in the Catskills. It's an idyllic setting and still quite undiscovered. We have driving directions for you at The Roxbury that explain exactly how to find these wonderful areas. For the small kids, the lake at Belleayre has a life guard and a huge beach with sand for building your dream sandcastle.
  • Theater
    All around, in Margaretville, Delhi, Phoenicia, Woodstock, and, yes, right here in Roxbury at The Roxbury Arts Group.

    Another great theater, The Open Eye in Margaretville, provides quality live theater productions to diverse audiences in the Catskill Mountain communities. A perfect venue for weekenders from the city and locals alike!
  • Tubing
    Tubing the Esopus is a blast! Kick back on your inner tube and let the Esopus River carry you away. The Town Tinker in Phoenicia can set you up with all the gear you need.
  • Building your dream home
    Alta Log Homes is not only a log home manufacturer and builder, it builds some of the most spectacular homes in the area. They are designed with an array of choices, from standard homes designed with economy in mind to majestic homes of distinctive architectural innovation.